About the Founder

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About the Founder

Hello, my name is Barry Michael, and I am the company founder. I work with proven service providers in market research, patent law, regulatory, reimbursement, executive coaching, research and development, investment banking, and legal strategy to complement my hands-on experience. My expertise is strategic planning, strategy implementation, marketing, and sales.

With 16 years of medical device experience at two Fortune 100 companies, six years in life science research products at two profitable $20M + companies, and 12 years in applied life science start-ups, I can apply lessons learned to company-specific situations.

My performance metrics include management of three business units, including strategy development, management of seven sales teams, 12 product launches, $1.7 million in direct sales, $258 million in sales as a manager, and $100 million in sales as a business unit manager.

Specific training includes finance, strategic planning, and leadership. Education includes an Sc.B. in Engineering Science from Brown University, an MBA from Wharton, Navy OCS, Navy Supply School, and training at The Center for Creative Leadership.


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